Building better lives
for every agri citizen


Since 2015, we are on a journey of transforming the agri ecosystem

By harnessing technology, we are building commerce, finance, and fulfilment solutions that help build better lives for agri citizens.

A fresh perspective
to fresh produce

We’re feeding innovation and bold ideas into the agri ecosystem to make the soil to sale process more seamless for all its stakeholders


Better lives for every agri citizen

Better lives for every agri citizen -Vision


Build the most trusted, efficient, and inclusive agri trade network

Our Mission

The Ninja CODE

Customer centricity is at the heart of all our endeavours

Customer centricity is at the heart of all our endeavours. We strive for customer delight and loyalty.

We embrace responsibility and never say “that’s not my job”. We only think for the long run.

Dream Big, Act Bold

We aim high and seize bold new challenges. We are fueled by curiosity and innovation.

Energy and Speed

We chase our goals with passion and are forever focused on action. We get things done.

Why we’re hungry for change


Modern Marketplace
Agri remains the largest, yet least transformed industry in the modern world. We’re here to maximise its potential with innovative products for processes that still run on tradition.

Financial Freedom
With ample resources, all kinds of agri businesses can flourish in unimaginable ways. We offer credit and funds to make success more inclusive for agri citizens.

Ever-Growing Network
Even today, trust in the agri ecosystem is offered sparingly, often through mutual connections only. We want to unleash a trusted trade network that reaches every nook of the country.

Better Lives
When business solves for itself, everyday moments become more memorable. We want to help holistically improve the business, family, and personal lives of our stakeholders

Why we’re hungry for change
The Ninja Solution

Farmers face price risk, information asymmetry about demand, distribution inefficiency, and delayed payments.

The traditional supply chain is unorganized, lacks efficiency, and has a high rate of food wastage.

Retailers experience higher costs, low quality and unhygienic  produce, high price volatility, and the inconvenience of visiting the market daily.

Meet our founders 

Ninjacart Founders

Meet our leaders

Kartheeswaran KK, Founder & CEO, Ninjacart

Kartheeswaran KK

Founder & CEO

Vivek Venkatesan, Chief Financial Officer

Vivek Venkatesan

Chief Financial Officer

Sunil Kumar

Head - Credit Risk

Shri Chakravarthy, Business Head - Ninjaglobal

Shri Chakravarthy

Business Head - Ninjaglobal

Pradeep Rathnam

Business Head - Fintech

Natarajan M V, Business Head – Ninjacart

Natarajan M V

Business Head – Ninjacart

Mohammed Aehthesham - Chief Technology Officer

Mohammed Aehthesham

Chief Technology Officer

Kaushik Gopal, Head - Enterprise & Anchor

Kaushik Gopal

Head - Enterprise & Anchor

Hemanth Vasudevan

Head – Marketing

Harish Swaminathan

Head – Products

Meet our leaders- Dennis John Head – Legal

Dennis John

Head – Legal

Anuja Singh - Chief People Officer

Anuja Singh

Chief People Officer

Aarti Jha

Head - Talent Acquisition