Backing your vision with our innovation

Investing transformative technologies on global agri-tech startups

Backing your vision with our innovation

Investing transformative technologies on global agri-tech startups

Transformative tech for a smooth supply chain


We empower international agri startups with strategic tech investments, advisory support, and a proven modular tech stack, driven by about $100 million in investment, to solve agri supply chain challenges.

A power-packed solution for scalable growth


Tech Data Platform

We accelerate sourcing and
distribution by capturing data
from unorganized markets to streamline procurement, pricing, and SKU movements.

Real-Time Inventory Tracking

Our state-of-the-art tracking
technology helps users to track every
moving unit as they pass through all
the stages of the supply chain.

Automated Workflows

By leveraging automation,
we increase the ground staff efficiency
to limit dependencies and avoid
manual errors.

Timely Check-Ins

The in-built check-in systems on
the app enable businesses to
identify irregularities and process deviations while also mitigating known business risks.

Key Business Metrics & KPIs

Key Business Metrics & KPIs

We deploy robust operational and
functional models to track
performance, earnings, pricing,
inventory, and returns.

Executive Sponsorship

We provide exclusive access to the
proprietary knowledge and skills of our
expert advisory board of India’s top
engineers, founders, and agri experts.

A power-packed solution for scalable growth

  • Access the plug-and-play Ninjacart tech stack for your business
  • Focus on growth instead of deploying resources on building tech
  • Set up fulfilment centers and last-mile hubs in your country
  • Leverage a robust real-time tracking solution for your products

Implement the Future of Agri Tech

Highly scalable architecture with advanced data analytics
Real-Time Inventory Tracking

Let’s Make a Match


Ninja Tech Ventures is looking for prospective partners in
early-stage B2B/B2C startups

  • You have already received seed funding
  • You want to solve problems in the
    farm-to-fork supply chain
  • You operate in fresh FnV, meat supply,
    and grocery categories
  • You have an established business in
    any country outside of India

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Frequently asked questions


Ninja Ventures offers a comprehensive tech stack for end-to-end supply chain management, as well as advisory and consulting services from our experienced leadership team. In exchange for these services, we take a minimal equity stake in your startup, based on its current valuation. This ensures our commitment to your success. Additionally, we charge a nominal implementation fee for deploying our technology tailored to your specific business use case, calculated on a pure cost basis.

Our technology licensing offers a perpetual license with exclusive rights for your startup within your country. This includes comprehensive documentation, training, and support, allowing your tech team to effectively maintain and customize the tech stack as needed. Additionally, your team will have the ability to build applications on top of the platform, further enhancing your startup's capabilities.

No, we don’t offer capital support. Our investment is in the form of technology and advisory.

We are looking for early-stage startups (Seed funded to Pre-Series B).

Yes, Ninja Ventures provides advisory and consulting support to help startups grow and scale. In exchange for an equity stake in your startup, we will collaborate with you to enhance and expand your business.

Ninja Ventures is primarily interested in early-stage, funded startups operating within the agriculture, groceries, and seafood sectors. Our focus is on partnering with companies that are actively working to address supply chain challenges in their respective countries within these industries.

No, this technology investment is for startups operating outside of India.

We offer our entire tech stack modules that are more than capable of running end-to-end supply chains. All the modules related to our in-house ERP, Warehouse management, Logistics Management, proprietary inventory management, Sourcing Modules, CRM and Customer related modules, etc.

Yes. We can work out partnerships where we provide only certain modules which are relevant to your business’s use case.

To a certain extent we will be able to help you with access to our investor tie-ups based on your startup’s growth post our engagement.

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