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Building trusted paths of growth for every
agri citizen

For almost a decade, we have been focused on transforming the agri ecosystem.

By harnessing technology and innovation, we create products and services that help small businesses grow, across the value chain.

Empowering every link

At each stage of the pre and post harvest journey, our solutions are crafted to simplify business challenges.

We mitigate payment risks, maintain quality standards, smoothen the logistics experience, and distribute real-time information. Our products are accessible to all, helping businesses become dependable and trustworthy to one another.

Our ultimate goal is to ensure seamless trade of fresh produce from point to point, both locally and globally.

Input Retailers


Productions Traders

Consumption Traders





Focusing on a future that’s better

By fulfilling demand for farmers and retailers and building a marketplace for local and international traders, we are also opening access to lending, credit, commerce, and more.

Our products are crafted to help businesses flourish and make millions of lives better.

Ninja Ventures: Investing in ideas

We aim to empower the next generation of innovators and revolutionaries. Ninja Ventures is seeking to invest in emerging startups from the agri, agri-allied, commerce, and fintech domains.

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