Ninjacart recently revealed a refreshed brand identity, showcasing not only a new logo but also introducing a revised vision and mission statement.

Vision: Better Lives for Every Agri-Citizen

Mission: Build the most trusted, efficient, and inclusive agri-trade network

The new vision and mission statements is Ninjacart’s commitment to revolutionising the agri-tech sector, enhancing lives, creating opportunities, and promoting a sustainable, prosperous future for all in the value chain. 

Savio Alosious, Group Product Manager at Ninjacart, shares his insights and perspective on #BetterLives, how the new vision and mission paved a new way for growth for him and his team and created a forward-looking approach to achieve the company’s objectives.

What does BetterLives mean to you? 

On a personal note, I believe it revolves around attaining financial independence. I began my financial education relatively late in my career, navigating through various job changes and overcoming numerous challenges to reach my current position. However, this philosophy comes with its downsides as it entails a pursuit of wealth, potentially leading to reduced quality time spent with family. In essence, #BetterLives encompasses striking a harmonious balance where both happiness and financial stability can thrive together.

How would you explain BetterLives to your daughter?

I think that the new brand film perfectly depicts what #BetterLives is and it explains what we are collectively working for, here at Ninjacart. The video beautifully highlights the amazing people who work hard to bring us the food we eat, despite facing challenges. It touched me, and I think it would help my daughter understand the agri value chain and the people involved in the process. In time, if I had to explain it to my daughter, I would love to make her sit with me and we both would watch the brand film together. I’m sure she would have questions, which I’ll happily answer! 

Outside the office, what are some of your hobbies and aspirations that align with #BetterLives?

When I was a kid, I wanted to be a racer because of my love for Formula One. Due to personal reasons, I had to pause pursuing this dream. So now, I make time to fulfill young Savio’s dream by racing on tracks as a hobby. I’d be very happy if my daughter shared my passion or any of her own. I’m fully committed to supporting her dream.

Something that I hold true to myself is I try to be there for my friends no matter what, whether it’s just a “hi, hello” or a brief 10-minute call offering advice or providing comfort. In this day and age where all of us are busy with our different schedules it’s important to connect and check on each other from time to time.

“I try my best to better my life as well as the lives of the people around me.”

How is your work contributing to the larger mission? 

We align our platform with specific pods to address their unique challenges. From enhancing customer experience to ensuring efficient communication, our focus is on contributing to the mission of each pod. For instance, our work with the Kisaan platform involves creating a smooth digital onboarding journey, enabling easier access to credit for farmers. By creating this platform we are enabling better lives as now we are creating an inclusive network and building a trustworthy advisory platform for the farmers. 

What specific skills or qualities do you possess that you believe is important in achieving the vision of better lives for every agri citizen?

Being approachable in the organisation definitely helps. This prevents being a ‘blocker’ for ideas to develop or move ahead. For instance, we have a lot of folks straight out of college or freshers who might have great ideas and plans that could actually help the organisation. 

Being a mentor to them and making them feel “heard” is really important, not only in a professional manner but sometimes personally as well. Also, connecting with younger people helped me stay up to date with what is going on in the world.

In conclusion, Savio sheds light on how the revised mission and vision at Ninjacart have not only clarified the company’s direction but also fostered a deeper connection between personal values and professional contributions, ultimately working towards achieving the goal of #BetterLives for all.