A store representative at a Kirana store is about to catalogue the products that he just received in his database. He simply records a video of the stocked shelves and the job of cataloguing is done.

He is saved from manually counting items, updating spreadsheets, and reconciling stock levels.

This AI tool makes the task of cataloguing quite effortless and makes the lives of store representatives better is Ninja Vision. This innovative solution increases efficiency, enhances accuracy, improves decision-making, optimises customer experience, and also saves costs. This cataloguing powerhouse was developed by the brilliant data science team at Ninjacart.

Ninja Vision harnesses the power of computer vision and streamlined workflows to bring speed and accuracy to store cataloguing. 

So what’s Ninja Vision?

Retail inventory management can be complex and time-consuming. The traditional process of manually counting and updating spreadsheets for thousands of items daily is not only tedious but is also prone to errors that can hurt profitability. That’s where Ninja Vision enters the picture, harnessing the power of computer vision and streamlined workflows to bring speed and accuracy to store cataloguing.

Let’s break down the magic behind Ninja Vision:

  • Video Capture: The journey begins with the Ninja Seller App. A store representative simply records a video of a stocked shelf.
  • Object Detection:  Behind the scenes, advanced object detection models get to work. These AI-powered algorithms analyse the video and precisely pinpoint individual product items on the shelf.
  • Index Matching: The extracted images of localised products are compared against a vast database of product indexes. This allows Ninja Vision to accurately identify each item.
  • Product Details Revealed: Upon successful matching, the system retrieves and reveals essential product information such as names, prices, stock availability, and other crucial metadata from the index.
  • Catalogue Management in the Ninja Seller App: Finally, all this product information is neatly organised and presented within the Ninja Seller App. Store representatives have immediate insights at their fingertips. Using this information they can populate the buyer app with information of all the products present in their store with a single click of the button. 

Apart from making impactful products like Ninja Vision, the data science team is also responsible for creating innovative solutions across the board such as operations, business and the tech team to seamlessly integrate solutions into the existing operations and products.

The backbone of everything at Ninjacart

The data science team not only contributes to innovation but also drives decision-making at Ninjacart. The data science team is known for the innovation, scale, and efficiency they bring to the products using the capabilities of AI and ML. Not only that, the team stays ahead of the curve, utilising state-of-the-art algorithms and tailoring them to the specific needs of the product.

The team innovates and drives decision-making at Ninjacart in three big ways:

  • Generating actionable insights by processing large volumes of data leading to informed strategic decisions and innovations.
  • Identifying bottlenecks and inefficiencies in the existing processes by processing data and improving upon them by suggesting better processes.
  • Automating manual processes leads to increased accuracy and efficiency.

Let’s now meet the team members that’s behind all this magic as they deserve the due credit.

Meet the data maestros

The team comprises eight talented individuals passionate about leveraging data to improve business operations. They handle everything from annotating and processing raw data to building, deploying, and monitoring models.

Team spirit

The feeling of pride that exists among the members of the team to work collaboratively and settle for nothing less than perfection is exceptional. The data science team lives and breathes Ninjacart’s vision. The team uses every tech in the arsenal as well as builds innovative solutions to create better lives for every agri citizen in the agri value chain.