Ninjacart recently celebrated a rebranding process, affirming its strong conviction in improving the lives of every agri citizen. This rebranding wasn’t merely a change in colours and logo, but an effort to put forth its vision to build the most trusted, efficient, and inclusive agri-trade network. The rebranding exercise in October also witnessed the expanded horizon of Ninjacart into credit and commerce offerings in addition to its blooming fulfilment business. This involved the launch of its affiliated brands- NinjaMandi, NinjaGlobal, NinjaKirana and NinjaKisan, key apps for agri citizens at different stages in the agri value chain.

Ninjacart launched a new brand film which honours the invaluable contributions of our agri citizens: farmers, traders, and retailers. It honours the unsung heroes engaged in an invisible relay race every day, ensuring that healthy and quality produce reaches our homes. The rebranding makes it clearer than ever that Ninjacart is here to partner with these agri-heroes and build #BetterLives for them.

Since then, the message has seeped beyond business having a profound impact on its customers. We feel immense pride while sharing our customers’ testimonials, where they openly express their ever-growing trust in Ninjacart to provide them growth and stability.

A purpose well shared

The new film and the rebranded logo have ignited a sense of pride among customers in partnering with Ninjacart. The rebranding, for them, wasn’t just a change in visuals; it was a statement of purpose that resonated with their values.

Sadananda, a trader from Bangalore, describes how stumbling upon the video on YouTube stirred something deep within him. The film’s portrayal of Ninjacart’s dedication to the entire agricultural ecosystem brought tears to his eyes, making him feel a part of something bigger than himself.

Different colours of trust

Ninjacart’s new logo transcends beyond a cosmetic change and elucidates its commitment to propel unity and growth in the agri value chain. The updated visual identity represents the varying capabilities of Ninjacart, i.e. Legacy, Tech Capabilities, People, Domain & Industry Expertise, and Partnerships, coming together to create value for its customers.

The new vibrant logo of Ninjcart showcases the young, dynamic, and adaptable nature of Ninjacart, building trust among our key stakeholders: farmers, traders, and retailers, and emphasising interconnectedness in the food supply chain.

Our conscious shift from our previous green logo to a vibrant one now better reflects our resolution to support everyone in the agri value chain, and the idea has percolated well among our customers.

A helping hand at every link

Our revamped brand paves the way for a transformation from a fulfilment centric business into a marketplace platform encompassing support for farmers, traders, and retailers with tech, credit, advisory, and more. This commitment extends to its affiliated brands: NinjaKisan, NinjaMandi, NinjaKirana, and NinjaGlobal.

Many traders share similar stories how Ninjacart solved a problem prevailing in the agri sector for ages.

Bottom line

Ninjacart is now emerging as an integral part of the agri value chain more than ever, transcending borders, operations, and demographics. Our story of rebranding is a testament to the power of going beyond transactions and building genuine connections. We take immense pride in our journey from helping farmers and retailers to now reaching everyone in the agri value chain, providing #BetterLives to every agri citizen.