In late November 2023, MetaX, an initiative launched by Ninjacart under the #BetterLives campaign, prioritised the health of its employees by emphasising fat loss and metabolic health improvement. Participants were organised into groups guided by mentors, aiming to foster a supportive and committed environment, empowering both mentors and team members to work together towards their health goals. 

Team Gult, comprising six individuals, each with their own personal fitness goals, found unity in their shared aspiration for better health. Their journey wasn’t just about shedding weight but about embracing a healthier lifestyle altogether. Through the MetaX programme, they collectively lost a remarkable 30 kgs in less than 3 months.

This transformation didn’t just affect their physical appearance; it boosted their confidence and positively impacted their work. Their story highlights the remarkable impact of unity and perseverance, emphasising the strength found in supporting one another and lifting each other up in times of both challenge and triumph.

Transforming the “Impossible” into the “Achievable”: Embarking on the Journey

Giri, having undergone a similar transformation himself a few years prior, felt a sense of duty towards his colleagues. Some were handpicked from his team and others were selected from other teams.

The genesis of this initiative wasn’t solely about getting into shape; it was about instilling a culture of self-care regardless of age. The aim was to make fitness a lifestyle choice and encourage mindful decisions in all aspects of life.

Each member of Team Gult brought their own set of aspirations to the table. Giri set his sights on reaching a body fat percentage of just 12%, Keshav sought to enhance his fitness levels and engage in friendly competition with Naveen. Meanwhile, Srishti prioritised reducing stress and nurturing her mental well-being.

Vinodh aimed to achieve fitness level 2 in scuba diving, while Hari and Suriya were focused on improving their body age. Raghul was determined to downsize from XXL to L

The Roadmap to a Healthier Future

Team Gult followed three key strategies for launching the program:

  • Blood and full-body tests to raise awareness and encourage serious commitment.
  • Sorting the group by fitness levels to tailor workouts and support individual needs.
  • Customising diet plans that emphasise portion control and home-made balanced meals to ensure sustainable dietary changes instead of drastically changing meals to fancy recipes.

Body age- It is calculated by weight, body fat percentage and skeletal muscle percentage to produce a guide to determine if your body age is above or below your actual calendar age.

The Power of Unity

Team Gult upholds authenticity, openly sharing their journey from workouts to occasional indulgences. They prioritise honesty and accountability, turning setbacks into opportunities for growth and fostering a relatable and inspiring transformation.

Suriya highlights the team’s bond via a WhatsApp group, promoting openness and support. Keshav finds motivation in sharing recipes and step counts, while they track meals for mutual accountability. Hari plans future group workouts, strengthening their bond and Vinodh adds humour by tempting others.

Conquering Challenges

Team Gult encountered two big hurdles on their journey. First, it took them about three weeks to get into a daily exercise routine, but they stuck with it thanks to mutual support and friendly competition, showing the strength of teamwork. Second, changing to healthier diets, particularly giving up junk food snacks, was challenging and expensive. However, as they embraced the changes and stayed hydrated, they felt physically healthier, more energised, and motivated.


The intentional shift towards healthier choices, whether in diet or exercise, made a significant impact on Team Gult. What began as a collective effort to overcome challenges turned into a lifestyle that brought positive changes for each member. With support, friendly competition, and new habits, they reached a point where healthy choices became natural. As a team, they shed an impressive 30 kgs, showcasing the power of small, intentional changes to achieve remarkable results. It highlights how dedication, teamwork, and a shared focus on well-being can lead to transformative outcomes, not just physically but in all aspects of life.