Author: Naveen Sowriraj

Rewriting Habits, Redefining Health: Naveen Sowriraj’s Transformation

We are thrilled to share the incredible journey of our colleague, Naveen Sowriraj, who embarked on an inspiring journey towards health transformation through the Meta Health program facilitated by Ninjacart.

Naveen, through the Meta Health program, has lost 7.5 kg in 2 months. According to him, this transformation not only enhanced his weight-loss journey but also positively impacted his daily work routine. He expressed improved concentration, increased energy levels, and a boost in the quality of his work. Despite previously attempting a weight loss program that didn’t work out, Naveen proudly says Meta’s supportive environment, personalized plan, and healthy competition fueled his success, proving that sometimes all you need is the right approach to unlock your full potential.

Here is an exclusive insight into Naveen’s journey that is bound to motivate and inspire each one of us:

Health Journey Prior to Enrolling in the Meta Program
At the time I started working at Ninjacart, I weighed more than 110 kilograms. In the beginning, I participated in a fitness challenge with a few colleagues and enrolled myself in a weight loss program. Changing my diet drastically resulted in an initial weight loss of 7-8 kgs. Unfortunately, this brought health complications, leading me to pause. I managed to maintain around 100 Kgs with support from colleagues like Giri, Vasu and Naveena, but struggled to go further due to a lack of accountability and motivation.

Meta Program: A Catalyst in My Transformation Journey

To improve my health, I contemplated enlisting the services of an individual nutritionist prior to the introduction of the Meta program. Nevertheless, with the launch of the Meta program, the communal approach caught my attention, providing peer support and external commitment. The external commitments fostered a heightened sense of accountability, and the program’s structure served as a motivating factor for me to remain dedicated and responsible.

Navigating Dietary Changes During the Program
The diet provided by the nutritionist was personalized and well-thought-out, considering aspects I wouldn’t have considered myself. Initially challenging, especially shifting to a protein-based diet, but over time, it became a lifestyle. I committed to the program without cheating, except for a recent occasion. My body has adapted to healthier eating habits, resulting in a 7.5 Kgs weight loss in two months.

Unveiling the Impact of Group Dynamics: How Did It Influence Your Motivation?

The group support was crucial. There were times when our group would become inactive, but I found myself consistently holding it up. It was a give-and-take scenario. For instance, if Rajesh had a good week, his progress inspired me, and in turn, I sought to inspire others in the group when I was doing well. Sharing healthy recipes on our Whatsapp group was helpful. It made it easier for us to stay committed with mutual support. Additionally, observing others’ progress, such as Hemanth’s remarkable 7Kg weight loss in another group, fueled healthy competition, spurring me to push myself further to excel.

What are some food items or habits you’ve successfully controlled or changed?

Surprisingly, I didn’t struggle much with sugar, but I successfully controlled my intake of South Indian tiffins and fried items. Previously unthinkable, I now enjoy Keto salads and meals without rice. I used to think I couldn’t do without rice, but now, these meals are my favorites.

What’s one bad habit you’d swap for a healthier one?

Choosing to sit at home versus opting for a 30-40 minute walk or a quick match of tennis 4-5 days a week. Walking became a new habit; it’s a shift I’m committed to continuing.

Lastly, what are your future goals and takeaways from this transformation journey?
My aim is to reach 85-88 Kgs by April 2024, just 5 Kgs away. I’ve learned that while losing initial weight might be easier, patience and persistence are crucial for sustained progress. I’m embracing the journey, enjoying the process, and trusting it will lead me to my desired outcome.

Naveen Sowriraj’s dedication and commitment to the Meta Health Transformation Program showcase how with the right support, accountability, and determination, one can achieve remarkable health goals.

Let’s celebrate Naveen’s success and draw inspiration from his journey towards a healthier life.